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MATERIA MADURA - Incense Burner


Materials: Plantain and coffee waste composite

Dimensions: 3"D x 2"H

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Incense Burner:

Just add incense

Caring for your product:

In order to ensure proper use as well as product longevity, after each use, you should empty any remaining oil from the product. This will prevent the oil lamp from absorbing any excess oil.
To clean the product you can gently wipe or pat the surface with a dry microfiber cloth.
Whenever possible, you should store our products in dry, cool, interior spaces.
Trim the wick between burns.
Never leave an ignited oil lamp unattended.
Due to the magic behind Materia Madura, no one design is exactly alike! You can expect to see slight variations in color, texture, and size due to the organic nature of the material and its production process.

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