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Molly & Co.´s mission is to inspire humans to give dogs their best life. They strongly believe that dogs should be treated as family because dogs make us more human. They make us laugh, they comfort us, they listen, they are kind and compassionate, and they probably love us more than they love themselves. All dogs deserve a family, quality of life, and lots of love.

Inspired by their funny, stubborn, and happy fur-child Molly, tthey created a beautiful, colorful, and high-quality brand that reflects how much we love dogs. Each design that tthey launch is the result of endless hours of work. All pattern designs are digitally hand drawn and exclusive designs of Molly & Co. They obsess about every single detail – from the selection of hardware and fabric materials down to the packaging design. Tthey are committed to creating trendy, chic, and durable products that your pup will enjoy (and rock, of course) as much as you.

Founded in 2021, Molly & Co. is a small business proudly based in Puerto Rico.