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ELUÄ - Glyko Aura Necklace



This long statement necklace features an array of small, multicolored volcanic lava beads, each one unique and rich in texture. The vibrant hues of the beads reflect the raw beauty of volcanic formations, making this necklace a true conversation starter.


  • Natural Volcanic Lava Beads: Crafted from genuine volcanic lava, each bead is a testament to nature's artistry, offering a distinctive and organic texture.
  • Multicolored Design: The beads come in a range of colors, adding a dynamic and eye-catching element to any outfit.
  • Statement Length: The long design of the Glyko Aura Necklace ensures it stands out, whether worn with casual attire or more formal ensembles.
  • Versatile Style: Perfect for layering or as a standalone piece, this necklace effortlessly enhances your look with its natural charm and vibrant colors.

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