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URAL STUDIO- Ural Earrings


Inspired by the captivating iron grills of Puertorican houses from the ‘70s and 80s, the Rejas Criollas collection is an ode to our abuelas and the culture that binds us together.

This unique design mirrors the iron grill from my abuela’s house and pays homage to the cherished memories I shared with her at the balcony and sewing studio on Calle Ural. This collection is a powerful reminder of our roots and the importance of preserving and protecting our rich heritage. Wearing a piece from this collection is an emblem of resilience and a tribute to the generations that came before us, who fought to uphold our identity and traditions.

Each piece is carefully designed, tested, and crafted to be timeless, stainless, and long lasting. 14k gold filled stud earrings + closure. 

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